I am a young and dynamic web developer looking for some work. I have 5 years of experience HTML, CSS and PHP. I have worked for several companies, done a few websites on contract and have also worked for over a year in the hosting industry.

At my school, we are required to accomplish a project on something that interests us. I was already pretty decent in HTML and CSS before, but after this project, I can comfortably say I have became a specialist when it comes to pure CSS layouts. The project consisted on a tutorial website with articles in both French and English to teach people how to build completely CSS driven websites. http://tuts.info/ (I didn't work much on the design) The project consisted in writing in a journal althrough the conception of the website. At the end, I calculated around 50 hours of intensive researches on CSS, about 100 pages hand written and a final 15 pages essay on the subject.

I am currently building a new portfolio: http://jeromegn.com/ (this is only a preview, it contains no content and is solely in English for now). As you can see, this website is very simple, but it works in every browser. I have worked on a much more website lately: http://rpggazette.com/ it was working perfectly and the client tried to change something which messed it up in a browser, mozilla or IE, I can't remember.

My pricing starts at $200 for 7 pages all in CSS and HTML including designing.

If you're interested, please contact me by email, we can then discuss other methods of contacting ourselves.

[email protected]

Jerome Gravel-Niquet