I've been reading alot of the horror stories on this board about the terrible experiences people have with some hosting companies, and it made me realize how lucky I am that I've got a great hosting company.

I've got a buddy who has used a couple different companies to host his mail and such and he's had some very bad experiences. He's found out if a company's only promise is having dirt cheap prices....that's all you'll get from them.

Back in October of 2002 I wanted to build a personal web page to host photo galleries and such but I knew nothing about building and designing a website or even where to get started. I did alot of research and read some forums similar to this one and figured out quickly that getting a good hosting company was very important. I ended choosing AlphaOmega Hosting and it was a great choice. Being a total newb, I had questions on how things worked and how to get a few things configured properly and the folks there was super nice and helpful. I got the site up and running and eventually after a year or so got frustrated with the crappy and plain HTML look of the site and quit updating it. I wanted to build a new site but didn't really have the knowledge. Long story short, I'm finally building a whole new site based on a PHP CMS.

In undertaking this new venture I've ran into a few problems installing some things on the server, uninstalling some bad files, and had some questions about opening up another port for my email etc. Everytime I've contacted them for any type of support via a trouble ticket, their forums or IM they have responded AMAZINGLY fast and efficiantly. Another thing that I'd like to mention, especially to people who are like me and far from being a pro at this, no one there has every talked "down" to me or made me feel like a moron for asking a question, no matter how simple. That right there is worth alot. A few weeks ago I was talking to my buddy (who's had the bad experieces with a couple other companies) and he was asking if I had the option of IMAP on my mail server. I didn't know but being interested in using it, I sent them a ticket asking them about it, while I was on the phone with him. By the time we got off, I already had my answer and all the info I needed! That's fast service.

So anyway, I'll stop but I just want to throw this out there for anyone who is considering using them or is just looking for a new host. They have been nothing but great to me!

I can't post a URL because I'm a new member here but my website link is in my profile. (no need to go there though, because, as of right now it's still my old crappy site until I get my new one online. Come back and visit me then!)