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    Slicing/Coding job for a template

    Hey all,

    I need a template sliced and html coded in tables. I need someone very professional to do the job. This means that not just a normal photoshop slice up job. Images should be renamed and ordered. Also, the enitre page should be html sufficient to the max with least possible extras so the page will load quick and easily. Also, if you can do a CSS file for the template that would be most efficient.

    I am willing to pay 10$ via paypal.

    Please let me know.

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    i can do this for you.
    contact information is in my signature
    thanks, and i look forward to your response

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    I PM'd you. But in case you didn't get it, I will post what I said in the PM, here.


    My name is David Jones. I am just finishing up a Webmasters class for school. It is a college level class that has taught me how to hand code a full website from notepad that is 100% correct with HTML and CSS. This means that every page is written to the highest standards in the world. I don't use Dreamweaver, frontpage, or any other HTML Editor out there. I code websites by hand. This would be an easy job for me. Please contact me if you would like me to do this.

    E-mail: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]

    God bless,
    David Jones

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    I'm very interested in doing it right now.

    THank you
    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.

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    It's a very simple project and should take no time to complete even with quality being the biggest priority, which it should be.

    Drop me a PM with the design and I'll get a quote over to you.

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