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    Budget Logos/Banners/Web Templates!

    Dont have premium money for a premium quality product? We are here to help.

    We offer:

    • Customized Logos
    • Customized Banners
    • Customized Templates

    Low Prices, yet great results. We currently do not have enough works for a portfolio, and this will help much.

    To give you an idea of prices, $10 and under for logos!

    [|] For more complete prices, to see previous works, and to discuss thing with me please contact me on MSN: [email protected] .com (no space) or AIM: Dagreatcornh0li0

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    do you have a porte-folio of your works ???
    :: SecureIP Solutions Web ::
    Montréal Web Hosting, Backup, Web and IT services

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    No i do not, as i said i do not have enough works for a portfolio. You can contact me on MSN/AIM and i will be glad to show you some of my recent works.

    I will be back on in the morning..
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