I now own www.neozealot.com - which is a free hosting biz., and I am curious if anyone would like to put forth some $$ to place ads on my clients sites (which I currently have none, BUT I will in the future - promising with 80 posts / 7 users which isnt bad).

Anyway, if anyone would like to take hold of this offer, here are some of the details I will share about the ads -

* Looking to put your ads on my clients sites and Neozealot's Site
* No restrictions on what kind of ads
* The ads will be placed manually - but I will be checking my clients sites often to assure your biz(dont know if you can call them clients)
* There will be ads on the forum too if you wish

Any questions on this offer can be placed here. The reason for posting in advance is to assure you maximum revenue (and to get this off my back)

Best Regards
Josh Streit