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    Seeking MS Exchange 2003 Expert

    I am seeking a MS Exchange Expert to solve a RPC over HTTP issue. We recently migrated our Exchange server outside of our private network and have not been able to get RPC over HTTP to work with Microsoft Outlook.

    We setup RPC over HTTP on the server and it prompts for the user and password but it doesnt seem to authenticate. After a user and password is entered, outlook loads but reads it is disconnected from the server and does not download any email.

    Please contact me immediatley if you are a MS Exchange Expert and let me know what your hourly rate is. This needs to be serviced tonight/tommorrow.

    Send me a personal message.

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    I am still seeking someone for this.

    When messaging me, please indicate what your hourly rate is. Do not PM me unless you are an MCSE.

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    One of our people can probably deal with it monday afternoon if you're still having an issue. As you're a service provider rate would be reduced to $42.50 an hour

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    Thank you. The issue has just been resolved with a contracted service provider.

    Help is no longer required.

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