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    totally new in hosting need your advice plz

    hi, thank you for your advice in advance.

    I'm looking for cheap and reliable hosting with following features:

    Include one or two free domain name with package
    Host at leasst 5 domains or more
    5gig+ disk space.
    decent transfer traffic (30gig+)
    good mysql database size (preferred up to diskspace allotement)
    3 or more mysql db


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    $10 dollar below a month.

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    Well you don't want much anyway. 5gb space for $10 isn't something any host that isn't drastically overselling will offer you.

    You also aren't allowed to make requests on this forum. Try hostquote however its value has diminished. Also check the offers forum or maybe even
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    You might also want to check the Shared and Reseller Hosting Offers forum and check out current offers you may find a place that offers what you want. I'd just make sure to check reviews of the company you choose also so you know they're reliable.
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    what request?

    those are features i'm looking for. aren't those what ppl posted here?

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    are you looking for a general price range for the features in which you are requesting or are you seeking a quote. If you are trying to get a quote you are in the wrong place. However, for an idea, I agree with Lubby, 10 dollars is way too cheap to be paying for service like that. No doubt you will be able to find someone willing to sell you services at that price. However, they are drastically overselling and they won't be around long. I can promise you that. Best of luck, and for quotes, use the hostquote function of WHT.
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