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    LoGD: Free Opensource Roleplaying game

    Hey! Firstly, it's been a long time since I have posted in this forum -- It's nice to be back.

    Has anyone here ever played Dungeons and Dragons before? Well, this game, Legend of the Green Dragon, does have it's similiarities.. And is a great roleplaying environment..

    I would really like to to get the community built up -- It's sort of difficult because this game server based off an opensource project (which makes it all worth while to me) -- Other games are able to advertise and sell, while Legend of the Green Dragon is programmed by people for no charge in there free time.. I think it's so unique to have an opensource php project - that's a role playing game.

    Basically, the game goes: you create a character, and use your instincts, talk to townspeople, talk to violet, and when you get to level 15 you can slay the dragon!

    The URL of my game server is

    If you've never gave a game like this a try -- This wouldn't be a bad time to give it a shot, you just need to be open..

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    I was wondering where I'd seen RTSoft before till I scrolled down his page. I remember 'Dink Smallwood' - a fun game.
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    I'm guessing this isn't 3D, I've having a lot of fun with Everquest 2 right now, so I think I'll stay

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    Originally posted by Aea
    I'm guessing this isn't 3D, I've having a lot of fun with Everquest 2 right now, so I think I'll stay
    Not 3D, not 2D, not anything!

    Seriously though, while it looks like a cool project, it's not really my cup of tea.
    - Matt

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    I think lord used to be a bbs 'door' I used to play.. I would assume legend of the RED dragon and legend of the GREEN dragon are pretty much the same thing.

    If so it was a great game back in the day along with pimpwars

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    Your correct OKIHost. LoGD is a web-based clone of Legend of the Red Dragon, a BBS door from back in the day written by Seth Able.

    LoGD has been around for ages, and if you used to play LORD back in the day of BBS's then it's definatly worth a play Alternativly, just telnet to one of the few remaining BBS's and play LORD for real


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    Ok, so LoGD is played via php/mysql through the browser...

    My friends and I are playing in a LoRD tournament locally here in Duluth, someone is running a LoRD server, and we all telnet in. It is very fun.

    I'd rather play LoRD locally with people I see in my day to day life.

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