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    Careful if you used 2Checkout recurring bill service

    A client sets up a recurring cc charge through 2Checkout with Card1, and then cancels Card1 and updates the recurring billing charges to be taken from Card2. No problem there, but should a refund ever be necessary note that the refund will be directed to the Card1 account, not the Card2 account that was actually billed.

    2Checkout says it is their "policy" to direct refunds to the first cc card. So if you use 2Checkout for recurring billing be sure to tell your clients to NOT update their card preferences as that could cause problems later. They should CANCEL their recurring billing through you, and then create another separate recurring billing charge with the card that they want to use.

    I've just lodged a complaint with the FTC and the Federal Reserve System (the Feds have jurisdiction over BankFirst which is the bank 2Checkout is affiliated).

    2Checkout just lost another customer over this.


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    what is that policy? Its not posible.
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    Originally posted by 123x
    what is that policy? Its not posible.
    Per two different conversations with first tier support and a supervisor, 2Checkout's stated policy is that all refunds will be directed toward the card that was used to initially set up the recurring account billing. Per 2Checkout there is NO WAY that this could be changed, even with the card and billing information updated. The card that will be refunded will be the card that was used to set up the recurring billing account, and not the card that was actually billed if your card information was subsequently changed or updated.

    Completely insane policy and of questionable legality ... but it exists and it is causing me some pain.

    If you have clients on a recurring billing cycle through 2Checkout this could also affect you.

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