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    looking for 1 company that does multiple merchants

    (I hope I can explain this well)
    I am looking to accept:
    (1)credit cards
    (4)etc...(all the popular ones)

    I do not want to spend alot of time programming all these different types, and having to deal with them all.... I am looking for a company that acts as a sorta middle man.... 1 company that gives me 1 piece of code that lets me accept multiple types of payments....

    The only one I found so far is

    Does anyone know what I am talking about? If so are there other companies like them out there? I want more than one choice....

    Thank You In Advance,

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    Welcome to the forums Gary.

    I doubt you will be able to find something like this. We actually were building code to do something similar at one point, but it seemed that it was not cost effective.

    Most carts have the ability to add extra (like a different payment gateway, Paypal, etc) so the consumer can pick which one he / she desires.

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    You might be able to find a cascading program that has both the ability to have third party accounts along with merchant accounts.

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    If you use cart software you can integrate any or all of the ones you like. That is going to be your best option. I don't think there is anyone that provides any other form of integration of such payment gateways. There isn't any coding needed for most all cart software applications.
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    osCommerce is a great solution for your mutliple payment solution needs. All you have to do is download some packages and enable the packages in the admin panels and you're set. Plus, it's open source so they're many people that will help you out.
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    one more note: It is a bingo site so I have to be able to pay winnings back to the customers....

    What cart software do you recommend? What services other than paypal does transact(firepay perhaps)?

    What cart software do you recommend? I need the ability to pay the customers back when they win....

    I will check more into osCommerce, but I use jsp not php....

    The big point I forgot to add is that I need to pay the customers back, when they win.... Maybe there is also a company that will send out checks in the mail for me?

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    Where are you based geographically, gman1?

    If you are in the U.S., you could setup with an ACH processor and then disburse payments to customers via direct deposit. A company like AllianceACH could assist you with that, as one example.

    The advantage to doing it that way is that you could present an electronic ACH batch file of the payouts and do it all at once and avoid the cost (and time) associated with mailing out checks.

    The bigger challenge may be on the merchant account side since you would be basically doing a form of online gambling. Even though you can argue Bingo is pretty "harmless", it still falls into the same category if people are paying and then betting (in any form) for the purpose of winning money. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    As far as carts - most carts will come with different types of gateways for you to add.

    What language are you looking for as far as the cart is concerned? Being in Pennsylvania, you have a few options that might be available to you

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    I will have to look further into AllianceACH....

    The question on weather or not my site is legal opens a whole other can of worms I have been questioning for years now.... Currently as I understand it Bingo is NOT considered gambling in the U.S. But most states you need a license.... That is why I am redoing things now for a re-opening.... I was using PAYPAL, but I didn't want to get cut-off - This is why I am looking for a whole new method of legally sending and receiving payments....

    So I guess my question to all is this....

    (1)I need a merchant company that will let me accept as many payment type as possible even though I am a bingo site....(CC, firepay, etc.)
    (2)I need a company that will help me pay winnings back to the customer even though I am a bingo site
    (3)OT: I need a tomcat 5 jsp server located in arizona, canada, or somewhere I am least likely to encounter legal problems....

    Thanks Again Everyone,

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    You might actually contact CCBill as well to see what they can suggest. They are actually based in AZ.

    The gambling is a bit tricky and some processors might require you to even register with Visa / MasterCard as high risk.

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