Hey all,

my site: http://www.volconvo.com

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I am looking to open my site up for several banner ads, buttons, and text links. The top spot is currently taken until the end of April, but all other areas are open for discussion.

My site is a debate community that encourages people from all sorts of backgrounds (conservative/liberal bloggers, students, teachers, activists, etc) to discuss current events, science, philosophy, etc. Demographically, the majority of the users have a blogg, attend a major university, or have primarily white collar/computer-related jobs.


  • Frontpage single text-link listing: $5/mo.

  • Site-wide text-link listing: $10/mo.

  • Free 3 months of Free Frontpage Advertising: PM me for a link to a referral site (similar to that free ipod one). Complete a free offer for me, and get 3 free months of advertising in our "Frontpage Sponsors" section. PM me for details

Contact me: Send me a pm or email [email protected]