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    Warning about Lunara Solutions, LLC

    My SIL and I have a small website that includes a store front. We used the above referenced webhost at the advice of some people on some message boards. The owner is actually a message board owner in addition to being a webhost.

    It was a nightmare! It was impossible to contact her, her contract says she offers support but she does not. She plays the role of friend and mentor until you get half way through the process of having your site converted over with her and then she stops altogether. In the middle of the conversion she went out of town and did not answer any correspondence and all of her servers went down. She has no back up help when she is gone.

    She has a privacy policy but all of my business affairs were discussed with others in the business who knew what was happening and what my plans for my business were, in detail.

    I have since talked with three other website owners that she has done this to. One owner had their things yanked into cyberspace and told she had 24 hours to find a new home for it or it would deleted permanently.

    Since there are so many women starting small website businesses and this is who this woman caters to, I felt like I should speak up and warn others. I checked this site before I went with her and didn't see anything. I wish someone had warned me.

    Thank you.

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    I hope for your sake that you are relocating your site, or have done so already. Some hosts take issue with people posting negative reviews of them and tend to be retaliatory. It isn't good business, but it is human nature for some people to act that way.

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    yes same here, some just dont know how to act right.

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    Thank you. After that time when I couldn't reach her, I had to take my site down, find a different host and relocate. I lost several days worth of business and lost that month's rent to her but I'm doing great now. I have chalked that experience up to lessons learned but if others can learn from my mistake then somethin good will have come from all this, you know?

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