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    Hostgator? Scam plans? What are they talking about...

    I've been looking for a reseller for a long time and found this site a few days ago... Then i found hostgator, and they look great until i saw that they have this page

    Thats great, they are trying to help resellers but then they have item 2 and 3 that say that plans with big disk space and big bandwidth are bad, and 3 says that you should not pay yearly...

    But, then why do they have a plan like that on their site?

    $6.95 (paid yearly)

    They are doing exactly what they say you should never do!!!!!!!! what is wrong with companies these days, this is hipocritical and bad business imho!

    Look for yourself, the page is

    Better, how can i compete with that if i am reselling for them? will they steal my customers with a bigger plan? I dont trust these guys.

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    That's some nice work by them I guess if I needed hosting I wouldn't get getting it from them.
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    I don't quite get what you're trying to say....

    how can i compete with that if i am reselling for them?
    Who'll know when you bought a reseller account from them?
    If you want to compete, lower your price? or provide good support/service.
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    I'm scared they will take this "HOT TIPS" page down so that they can hide from there LIES! this is what their item 2 and 3 say:

    2. Scam Plans
    If it sounds too good too be true it usually is! All hosts have the
    same basic limitations when it comes to server resources and specs. There is no magic server that has a never ending supply of ram and cpu. If a host ever claims to give unlimited space or bandwidth DO NOT JOIN THEM. The thing to remember is that the average web site uses about 50 Megs space and less then 1 gig bandwidth a month. So what hosting companies do is they lie! They make up scam plans with tons of space and 50 gigs bandwidth for around $8 bucks a month. It's a numbers game.... Only one or two of every 100 people that signup on the plan are going to use the 50 gigs bandwidth. So what do they do? They usually terminate the sites that use it saying "your site is using too many resources." They aren't lying about the resource usage it's the truth! Most people don't realize that bandwidth and space used have nothing to do with the server resources being used. Resource usage has to do with the amount of cpu and ram a site uses. If a site uses their 50 gigs bandwidth they aren't kicked for using their bandwidth they are kicked for using up most of the servers cpu and ram. Another thing to remember is that the cheaper the plan is, and the more space / bandwidth included the more sites per server the host will have to pack in to make their money back. So going by the above numbers which we would say is pretty accurate from our numbers... If a company hosted 200 accounts per server and 2% of the server used the 50 gigs bandwidth that would equal 200 gigs bandwidth a month used on the server. Guess what If they don't kick those sites using it those 4 sites are going to be using more resources then all 196 sites on the server combined. So think about it would a hosting company boot 4 people paying $8 bucks a month in order to double the amount of sites they can hold on the server? You bet they would! We only put a few 100 accounts per shared hosting server, our pricing and packages don't force us to jam sites on to a server in order to be profitable. If you think most hosts put less then 200 accounts per server your living in a fantasy land. Most hosts put 1000's of accounts per server. Making it all that much more important to kick the 2% or so that use what their plan comes with.

    3. Never Pay Yearly
    Another thing you'll notice is that most of these incredible scam plans force you to pay for a year up front to get the good pricing. Why would a hosting company care if you pay monthly or yearly? After all if you are happy with them you're going to end up staying much longer then a year. Merchant fees aren't that much so why? It's because most have horrible support, slow servers, or even tons of downtime. If you were paying month to month you're not going to stick around, but if you paid for a year up front what are you going to do. You won't get your money back so you have no choice but to stay with them. ONLY PAY MONTHLY! We have yearly plans listed on our site mainly because some people will only pay yearly; unlike most of the companies our yearly price doesn't have any discounts. We could care less if you pay us monthly or yearly as people stick with a host they are happy with.

    They must have big money problem to lie and cheat like this! They say they have monthly option but they do not let you pay monthly!!!!!!!

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    They must have big money problem to lie and cheat like this! They say they have monthly option but they do not let you pay monthly!!!!!!!
    Where did you read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? Are you able to read and understand what you read??

    edit: also, I do not see anything wrong with their tips.

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    The problem with their tips is they sell 1-year payments and offer big disk space, they break their own rules.

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    They must have big money problem to lie and cheat like this! They say they have monthly option but they do not let you pay monthly!!!!!!!
    No offence Wildon but have you actually tried signing up even check properly before you posted this.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe the only the Hatchling plan does not come with any other payment term except for yearly payments.

    The rest of the plans do have monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even yearly payments available.

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    your topic is "Hostgator? Scam plans? What are they talking about......."

    So,where is the scam?

    Originally posted by Wildon
    [B]I'm scared they will take this "HOT TIPS" page down so that they can hide from there LIES! this is what their item 2 and 3 say
    What lies???
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    The "Hatchling" plan looks like a special which is probably why they want you to pay yearly. A company gets the money upfront so they can offer a lower price. The Hot Tips are not rules they are tips for their resellers to follow at their own will.
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    The tips page was written a long time ago. I have updated it to be a little more current. All we are trying to do is educate people when searching for a host.

    Most people do not understand how this business works and what to watch out for.

    I know if this was my first day on the Internet and I wanted to start a web site I would more than likely purchase hosting off of eBay for 50 cents getting a plan that had unlimited everything.

    For someone that doesn't know better what looks better unlimited or a set number? The truth is only a small percentage of web sites use more than 100megs space and 1 gig bandwidth, but all these site owners believe they need some super duper large plan for the cheapest amount.

    In a nutshell one needs to search for a host based on their support and reliability. If you search based on plan and price you will be burned almost every time.

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    I really agree with hostgator
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