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    Talking [REQ] vBulletin Status Icons & Navigation Bits

    In the next few months I'll be starting a new site for vBulletin styles and I'm looking for somebody who can handle the following. It can either be one person for everything or be broken out per project. At this time the projects are one-offs but based upon the quality of work and if the transaction goes smoothly I may then have additional work in the future.
    • vBulletin Status Icons
    • vBulletin Navigation Bits
    • Somebody who can work with an existing PSD to create additional status icons as wanted/need
    Ideally the designs would be mostly generic so that I could use them with any type of style with just minor work if necessary. The backgrounds should be transparent so I don't have to deal with matte problems. Most importantly they need to be original designs that come with full & exclusive rights as they will be used with styles that will be sold.

    Please either PM or respond here with examples of prior work and price ranges (include both the cost of the actual designs and the cost of minor customizations as needed like color changes, etc.).


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    if u still need help then contact me

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