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    * Forget complaints, how about...

    ... if you could tell us what is in your opinion THE BEST webhosting provider available on the internet? And why do you think so? Go ahead!

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    I think the issue has been discussed for thousand times. You should have searched around forum.
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    People need to know about complaints, so they are searchable on Google etc, else no one will ever know!

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    This question is really impossible to answer. Who has tested them all? And how to weigh price vs. performance?

    Sure, I know some good hosts. But then I'm sure there are others that I'm not aware of, too.
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    There is no "best" host.
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    If you put up this quetion then you should be sure about one thing that there will be plenty full of opnions about the "best" host the customers today think is. But at the same time you will hear exactly two opposite views about the same company and this will again bring you over to the same question. It is only you who can make a decission that who is the best host for YOU as there will be many hosts which will be best for the others.

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    Pair is the best I've ever used. I used them for years and my site always loaded fast, downtime was very, very rare and support was excellent.

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