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    remove the ftp step?


    I work on a large number of web pages across a "large" number of domains. I need a solution that will automatically load new sites and updates to old sites to my cpanel server.

    Currently I build a site or make chages to sites on my local pc then use ws-ftp to upload them. That takes a long time.

    I am looking for a solution to cut out the ftp step.
    I have looked at samba but it seems to be overkill for what I want.

    Does anyone know of a solution that will allow files from my pc to automatically be mirrored in the proper directories on my server? ANY and ALL help is greatly appreciated.

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    One idea is to login via SSH. You can then use pico and simply copy and paste your HTML into a file on the server, or simply work directly on the server. Just remember to keep good backups!

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