Hi guys,

This problem is on one of our Windows 2003 servers:

1. Create Web Site with the home in some folder, say "c:\SiteRoot".
This "c:\SiteRoot" folder has the following permissions:
Administrators - Full Access
SYSTEM - Full Access

2. Try to access this web site from browser. Browser asks for
credentials, because anonymous user IUSR_ doesn't have access to site
"c:\SiteRoot" folder. When you specify correct Administrators
credentials IIS permits you to enter the site.

3. Go to this web site properties and
a) disable "enable anonymous access" checkbox,
b) enable "Integrated Windows Authentication".

4. Perform the step 2 again.

5. Perform the step 2 again inside terminal window (say, using
"localhostomeport" to access the site - no success.
IIS doesn't permit you to enter the site even with Administrators

The problem persists after installing Windows 2003 SP1.

What's wrong with windows authentication when logging in locally (in terminal window)?