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    * free time...snatch your admin NOW...

    We have recently added more administrators to our team here at Fast Net Support and we are currently offering several specials. If you are looking for a server administrator or perhaps technical support/sales for your company, we got you covered!

    Server Administrators
    We will provide you with certified Linux or Windows administrators to maintain your servers. You can contact them through live chat, helpdesk and even telephone.

    4hrs/day, 5days/week - $400/month
    8hrs/day, 5days/week - $750/month
    Hourly Rate - $65/hr

    Your IT Department
    24/7 Helpdesk Coverage
    24/7 Telephone Coverage

    How it works?
    We will respond to any tickets within 30 minutes or less provided notifications is setup to our support desk as well as we will answer telephone calls under 5 rings provided the number is redirected to our telephone number.

    You will have either the choice of choosing Linux or Windows support and based on that we will route your requests to the appropriate technicians who will take care of any issues for your customers including server management.
    Quick & Easy Technical Support Solutions
    Click here to contact us for a FREE quote!

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    Your empty website is not encouraging.

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    Originally posted by ptn1
    Your empty website is not encouraging.
    Considering you offer the same type of service (administration) I dont see why your opinion should even matter

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