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    sick and tired of this.......

    Hey all,

    just needed to vent this

    I am SICK and TIRED of people who want jobs, and after u give it to them, they either whine about it, and quit and don't even tell you about it, I have had 3 experiences like this now, the most recent being someone named gauruv ([email protected])

    It is very depressing and dissapointing

    for all you out there looking for a job, don't say you can do it unless you can really do it

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    .Yeah, I also had 3 experiences...
    Quite annoying, but most of the time when you hire a person (who is likely to be) like that, it's for a non-critical project. For important projects, I always go for reputable people (coders, designers... in my case)

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    hay ensol,

    what kind of project are you looking at?

    I might refer you to a good programer, very highly trained and knows what he is doing (I actually got two)..

    Those two are the ones I stick with for all my needs programming mostly..

    if you are interested tell me.. I would refer them to you (I have to ask them first)..

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    Thats the problem with online recruitment.
    There is no accessible way in which the check indetification of the individual or the validity of their qualifications.
    I'd say you should always interview the individual in person, even for an online place.
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    Start hiring qualified individuals instead of children with little to no realistic corporate experience.

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    When I need staff I look for them. Anyone that comes up to me asking for a job that I have not publically offered most likely isn't qualified for the job. Next it's good to ask for reccomendations and have a pool of qualified job candidates and their known rates ahead of time. You never know when you'll need to subcontract a job that your company doesn't but might want to handle every now and then. A good example is a webhosting company that also does design on the side.
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    yea, all good points

    it just sucks cuz I wasted so much time looking for people, and then I have to wait 7 more days to post again in that particular thread for employment

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