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    10 banners available, great price advertising


    I have on sale advertising in the form of your banner at the top of, banners need to be 500 px in width and 60px in height, they will reside below the header and be in rotations of 10, 10 maximum banners in the rotaton will be accepted as this is a limited time offer. Each banner with a link to insert site here will be $20 per month, non negociable. Transactions wll be dealt with via paypal. No gif or flashing banners allowed, they need to be statick.

    This is the current amount of hits we receive per month

    This months hits are from 1st to 12th.

    Geo hits are as following

    Clean sites only please, no porn sites or nudity in any form accepted on the banner either. The banners put up are to cover running costs for the forum.

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    I couldn't edit my original post, so I'll double post.

    If you are interested please email admin[at]


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