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    Angry My first day at DIY

    with all the good comments about DIY hosting this was kind of an easy choice. I have to say that I already have an account with and they are absolutly FANTASTIC! (thanks everyone for recommendations!)
    I needed another reseller account in another datacenter so DIY seemed the right choice. The only downside was the price but I was ready to pay for good service.

    I opened up a ticket yesterday about a simple "db_owner" privilege for my MSSQL database. Simple isn't it ?
    It is now 07:44 AM and my ticket was due for yesterday 16:35PM.
    After the first 3 hours they replied that it was done. It appeared that in reality my DB permissions was all screwed up. I did not have access anymore to my DB. Can't even list tables. I had to drop the entire DB and re-created it to make it works. Of course I still did not have "db_owner" permission.

    After a couple of replies it was clear that
    1- they don't believe that I can't connect to my db (they say it was ok)
    2 - they are unable to set permissions properly
    3 - I don't understand how to connect to DB or list tables.

    Time is a problem but I can understand since I put my ticket to priority "medium" and they sure have other support requests with higher priority. What I don't understand is that after so many explanations from my part (we exchanged around 8 messages) they still are unable to set the privilege and TEST it so it works. I even gave them my db username and password so the support can try to connect. I even gave them the OK to drop the DB, tables, everything they need to test it properly.

    In my last message I wrote step by step what to do to set "db_owner" role properly. My ticket is "on-hold" now.

    I know staff read the message here so maybe they will be able to explain.
    I don't want to start a war. They were really helpful when I gave them the wrong CC number when I was trying to sign up.
    Maybe I don't explain correctly my requests...don't know...
    Just wanted to let you know.
    I am a bit disapointed...

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    Thumbs down

    They are incredible!
    this morning I opened another ticket with priority "high" because no one answered my old ticket.
    I asked for old ticket to be completed AND explanation why it takes so much time.

    At 14:21 PM I received this reply:


    Your tickets go all over the place. I am trying to find the actual question in them. Can you please post only the question, and then we will be able to help you.

    He means that all explanations I sent since yesterday are useless!!! Incredible! 1 day and 2 hours later he ask me to start from the beginning telling him what is my request.

    I am beginning to ask myself if they know how to read english?? Do they understand english?

    I cancel my account and will try everything to get my money back.
    They don't deserve it.
    I will be happy to give more details about my experiences to anyone who may want to try DIY hosting and will for sure share the entire ticket log to anyone who may think it is my fault.

    In my opinion I had better service with cheap 5$ shared hosting.

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    I know the guys over at DIY, thats kind of odd, are you getting an auto reply or anything from there ticket system saying they got your email?

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    yes they sure got everything I wrote.
    I did not replied by mail but used their ticket system.

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    Hmm, odd. Well I am sure they will respond here if they see the post, they are on here from time to time. But maybe they will just answer your ticket, I am sure that would make you happier. BTW did you try looking at there forum to see if there is any known issues. Maybe they are busy working on another system or something.

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    I don't care about my ticket anymore.
    I have lost enough time with those guys.
    Such a simple request and so many problems!! I just don't want to think about what will happen when server goes down!

    Maybe they should ...

    - change philosophy and should assume client is telling the truth by default not the opposite! (their biggest mistake I think)

    - try to UNDERSTAND clients requests not just read the ticket and move on

    - TEST before saying it works

    - Faster support of course

    My opinion.
    I don't really care about what they will do, just hope people will not have such bad experience. So many trouble after only 2 days...

    There are so many good hosts out there that I won't spend 1 more second trying to deal with them.

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    Hello Jean,

    I am sorry, but you have omitted certain details from that ticket, which you are of course very aware.

    I will not post them because it's against our policy to do so. I will also not discuss them in public, for the same reason.

    If you wish to discuss the matter, then you can do so via the ticket that I claimed shortly after you refused to answer Craig's valid question and opted to go the abusive-route instead.

    Good luck with your future host.

    Dean Cahl

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    Of course I omitted details! The ticket is way too long! Think about that, 2 days of data!
    Are you trying to say this is my fault?
    Of course this is my fault!
    Anything else?

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    Not happy? Move forward and secure hosting elsewhere. Hopefully you'll have a better experience. Good luck!

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    DBO permissions are something very easy to give. Maybe you didn't include some info or you were asking for table ownership to be changed? (something you can do yourself) - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
    8th year in Business, 200+ Servers. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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