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    Question Is there a problem with Neomail and Outlook?


    Is there a known problem with using Neomail (as webmail)?

    Here is my situation.

    Whenever a particular client accesses Neomail, the browser seems to hang, and the server load goes up. If I look at the processes, I see that is trying to serve the account but to no avail. Yesterday, I saw the server load go to 60 with about 50 connections trying to serve the same ip. Eventually, I killed each process manually and the load went back to normal.

    This problem is difficult to diagnose but easy to reproduce (if that makes sense). Has anyone experienced this before or has any advice on this issue?

    I am running FC2 with cPanel.

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    Yes, this is a known bug with Cpanel/NeoMail. There is a long discussion about it at Cpanel forums.

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