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Thread: server failure

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    server failure

    i bought a reseller package with windows os 2 months age ,
    i hava been facing problem for 24hrs because when i want to surf my web i dont find it & icant enter to my web site control panel but i can enter to my package control panel .
    I surfed to chack the ns i got this report

    Searching for www.******.com A record at Got referral to A.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 46 ms]
    Searching for www.******.com A record at A.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. Got referral to ns2.******.com. [took 49 ms]
    Searching for www.******.com A record at Reports a server failure! [took 105 ms].

    Unknown (server failure at ns2.*****.com).

    Sorry, I could not continue.
    i sent to the host company they told me they will solve the problem as soon as possible , but i think 18 hrs i to much time to do that , yet i still have the same problem ,
    i host my web on my reseller package , sould i do that or should i host it on another company ?
    what can i do about server failure ?
    how can i know if the server failure or not ???
    thak you

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    check with u r reseller provider
    may be the nameserver name wrong

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    yea, sounds like a possible DNS misconfiguration. However, I am having a hard time following what you mean in your post.
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