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    Webmail - pass login form

    Here is what I would like to do:

    For my website users, to access their email accounts, they must click "webmail" then goto the login page, type in user/pass and login to their email .
    This is the current setup:

    my page ------login page ------ > Email

    But to simplify the process, it would be nice if the users could simply use a form on my page and skip the webmail login page.

    my page ------>Email

    But the problem is, I don't host the email, so I don't have access to the original webmail login form.

    Is there a script that can use existing form info, then call up a different website and pass the same info into the new form, then process it?

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    What webmail is it exactly?

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    Thanks for the link. The webmail is MailEnable.

    The issue is solved, my hosting company was kind enough to supply me with a script that enables webmail login on any specific page.

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