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    Any opinions on this streaming pricing by

    Recently found this site and wanted to share it with you
    my friends of WHT and of course ask your opinions.

    The site is:

    Do you think their Unicast pricing are good enough and competitive? I am particular interested in windows media streaming pricing.

    I am a bit confusing with their approach of listeners hours
    vs the normal bandwith consumption.

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    Many of those specializing in media streaming will charge for the max number of simultaneous users.

    In the Abacast case, all plans comes with 50,000 listener hours a month. So based on that, each plan can support up to (50,000 hours / 24 hours / 30 days) = 62 listeners maximum listeners per hour if they listen 24/7 for the month.

    Of course their model makes sense if you do not have constant number of listeners and it peak at certain time of the day or day of the week such as weekends and slow down at other times. It effectively means that you can hundreds or thousands number of users if say your show is only once a week.

    As to whether their system can handle it, I wouldn't know. But it looks like a nice plan from the outside.

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    Assuming these prices are monthly (cudnt find it mentioned anywhere).. won't it be cheaper to go for a VPS and set up your own streaming server? I have no idea abt streaming so this might sound weird.. but was just thinking about the possibility..
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Streaming is bandwidth intensive if you are supporting higher bitrates and a lot of listeners.

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    If I were streaming only shoutcast audio a VPS with a lot of bandwidth allotment (like servint or powervps packs) could make a trick for not so many listeners.

    But streaming video is another animal.

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