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    Server4sale - 4 month review

    I will try and keep this fairly brief and simple, since I know how much everyone hates reading every little detail

    I became a customer of Server4sale right around Christmas. They were running a special that I could not pass up, and due to many good reviews on them I figured I might as well give them a try. After waiting a day for my server, they informed me they were actually out of stock on the server I ordered (Potluck of 1.5-2.0 celerons) and instead would be providing me a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4. This actually shocked me, as I was and am only paying $85/month for this server which includes Cpanel and products, along with 24/7 support which is excellent.

    Once they told me this, I had my server within hours, they sent me emails keeping me updated on it, asking me what I wanted my nameservers to be and such, everything was setup and ready to go in less then 2 hours (Would have been much quicker if not for my slow responses im sure)

    I have now had the server for 4 months, have had no problems at all with it, Network has been great, month or so ago there was a minor network problem which was handled very quickly and professionally, I got emails keeping me up2date on how it was going. Other then that I have not had any problems with the network.

    Support is the best I have had for a server company. Emails get answered in moments, no more then 10 minutes has gone by from the time I send in a support request to me getting a reply, and if need be the issue is fixed just as quickly. Support seems more then willing to help with any and all problems you may have with your server or cpanel problems, they will keep you up2date on what is going on if it will take a little bit to fix, etc.

    Saturday I ordered a new server from them, Was setup and ready to go yesterday morning, today I emailed support maybe a dozen times asking some questions, was amazed at the speed of responses.

    Assuming everything remains like it is now, or even 1/2 as good as it is now, I will continue to buy from , everything has gone more smooth then I could have ever imagined, and cant thank the support team there enough for all of there help.

    If anyone has any questions they want to ask me, feel free to post or PM me and Ill try my best to answer.

    (Hope this all made sense, Its 1:10am and im dead tired, been working on a million things today, lol!)

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    Thanks for your review. It's always good to read nice, unbiased ones ^_^

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