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    Icanx hosting: Don't use it.

    We're a web design, print design and custom programming freelance team, and have been with Icanx ( for a litte over a year. We're now looking for a new hosting company. By far they are the worst hosting company we have dealt with, and we would never refer any of our clients to Icanx.

    The site repeatedly goes down, its response to page requests is slow -- especially during the middle of the day when most people would view the site -- and when we asked them to renew our domain name, they didn't respond, nor did they renew the domain name.

    We haven't been able to log into the control panel for nearly two months, and support tickets sent are never answered.

    Icanx's owner(s) used to frequent this forum and other web hosting, aliasing under the names of Fightinghost, icanx, coolruss and joesilva.

    It seems like the company is just a reseller and does not own its servers.

    Be warned.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us and also warning all the other people over here. This can be really a good example for all the people before selcting the hosting company. But I would really like icanx to really post there views upon this. This will make a more just disscussion over your issue.

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    Thanks for sharing the experience.. they are charging quiet similar to some big hosts.. they should be able to provide good support...

    Would be nice if anyone else can also share their experiences about this host...

    BTW whats your site that is or was hosted on their servers?

    the website also looks little out-of-sync on my PC in Firefox...
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    Eesh, that's bad what happened with your icanx experience. Good luck with your search for a new host!

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    Thnx for the heads up that sux dude good luck

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    To answer some questions: I'd rather not our domain yet because our account hasn't been closed and we haven't yet switched providers. I don't think they would charge us extra or fraudlently, but so far they're not showing good faith.

    I would love to hear from an Icanx employee or owner. Come on guys.

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    DITTO! DITTO! DITTO! to everything the original poster said. This has got to be the worst web host EVER!!! My e-mail has now been down for 7 days and I feel completely disconnected from the world. One of the 5 accounts I have hosted with them is my work e-mail and I could seriously scream that I have been cut off from my main source of communication as far as my work goes. This has happened repeatedly over the past year I have been with them. I just paid to renew, but I am already currently in the process of finding a new web host. It is not worth the stress of working with these people. It would be one thing if they had tech support....ANY type of tech support. You can't get a hold of these people to save your life. Do not....I not make the mistake of signing on with this web host!!!! Avoid ICANX like the plague!!!

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