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    Angry cPanel Nightmare...

    Hello Everyone,

    I know i have not posted much, heck not sure if i ever have. I do surf the site everyday and must start by saying GREAT RESOURCE! I am in the process of starting my hosting company and decided I was going to test each of the control panel solutions on a development server I built which i would run the trials of each one on to see what I like the best. Seemed like the logically thing to do....

    Well I started with cPanel because it is the most widely used and seemed to have a solid follwoing. I installed CentOS 3.4 and followed the instructions to the letter. The script locked up. I reformated the system as the instructions states after a failed installed, and tried again. Same thing! After 16 installs still no luck at gettign this to install. It is currently sittign at the following:

    Resolving Dependencies

    where the \ changes to | then / then -- after god only knows how long. This script has currently been running for over 2 hours and it is suppose to only be running for 30-60 minutes. Now I know the next question is going to be well what does the system have that you are testing with have in it. Here are the specs:

    AMD 1.3GHz CPU
    1 GB DDR Memory
    80 GB Western Digital Hard Drive 7200 RPM 8MB Cache

    the system should not be a factor in this matter. This system was running SMOOTH with SuSE 9.2 Professional on it so I know it is not the hardware. CentOS runs SMOOTH on the hardware, attempt to install cPanel and all hell breaks loos on the system.

    I have emailed cPanel and well I have received quicker replies for assitance from a Microcsoft on a bad day. I would figure if a person was about to drop over $1000.00 on licenses for your product you would be more willing to resolve what appears to be a very poorly written script or a bug in the script in order not to loose that sale, maybe I just see todays logic.

    Has anyone else ran into this problem before?

    Is it just that my eyes are crossed and I see scan lines in my sleep?

    If this last email to cPanel is not replied to by 9:30 am when I go to a business meeting I infomred cPanel they have lost the sale. As I do not have anymore time to be "testing" a script that wastes my time.

    How does everyone feel about these control panels:


    This will be running on a Linux (CentOS 3.4) box and would like everyones opinion. I have personally used cPanel and found it easy from the users standpoint thats why I wanted to try it first, how are the above control panels for user friendliness?

    Do they offer just as much control for the user?

    Do they offer things cPanel does not?

    What are the pit falls and short comings of each one?

    This cPanel nightmare has pushed my dates back over 2 weeks now. and now I have some upset people, mainly myself for continuing to try and get it to work....

    Thanks in advance for the advice and comments.....


    P.S. Sorry for the long post.....

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    Resolving Dependencies
    Looks to me like it would be a problem with yum/up2date or whatever tool is being used to update the system, though I haven't done a cPanel install myself yet, so I could be wrong. I'm also used to Fedora and not CentOS, so there may be particulars there that I am missing.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I was on the phone with cPanel yesterday and they claim the rpm database was corrupted. The tech rebuilt the database and the install completed after 4 hours....

    After the cPanel completion I went to reboot the machine and the GUI was all screwed and it would not boot to the GUI....

    Then I tried to SSH again and that failed as well....

    Needless to say I have been pushed over and over by this software and after 16 or 17 failed attempts and poor support replies, I have moved on to H-Sphere. That is install has gone through a little problems...

    Guess who lost a sale and guess who gained a sale.....

    Take care,


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    went to reboot the machine and the GUI was all screwed and it would not boot to the GUI....
    I hope you're not talking about X (or as you may know it: KDE or GNOME). cPanel isn't meant to be a solution to all your server administration, it's meant to help and installation will require a system in good order. Based on your needs to use a GUI then I really can't give this review any credibility even though I have my gripes with cPanel over a few issues too.
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    All that needed to be done was properly configure yum. When the license key for yum is not properly installed, cPanel hangs, because it cannot access the update server. This isn't a cPanel problem, it's a server admin problem. *cough*

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    I hate to break the news to you but this was not an admin problem. I did have the key set correctly. I did that before even starting the cPanel install....

    I was told by cPanel staff that the rpm database coul dbe corrupted out of the box so to speak like Fedora Core was...

    O well i am on to H-Sphere which was installed and did the install the same as I did with cPanel and had ZERO hangups or problems....


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    I really don't think having SUSE and even a X server running is a good option for running a hosting system. Switch to totaly opensource solution, it's better, faster, and well supported. I can sell you support if you need.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I had H-Sphere up and running in no time flat. Without any problems what so ever...

    As for the GUI, I was using it for testing purposes ONLY. On mY production servers this will not be an turned on in any fashion...

    As for the OS I am using I am going to be using CentOS which is an opensource project and free of charge...



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