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Thread: Our Apologies

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    Our Apologies

    I have to post this here because our forums are down, as well as email:

    Notice to all members and clients,

    All our servers are offline. Our company sold to another. The DC screwed up, bad. (the current one, not the future one)

    I had instructions that I had compressed and backed up our free hosting, those backup drives were to be pulled and shipped to the new location. Our pay clients and dedicated servers (or all data on them) would be transfered by Psoft and the other hosting company.

    The idiots at the DC (although we were paid till the end of the month) pulled the servers today, and started pulling ALL drives to be shipped. This was also the day Psoft was to start the transfering of data.

    I am in shock and at a loss of words. It doesnt make up for the downtime, but a public apology is all I can do. There was not supposed to be any downtime for anyone. All I can think is that since things were being moved, they no longer cared if anything they did affects this company.

    I wont post the datacenter because it was just a small one owned by a small local computer company. It's not one anybody here would use or even heard of.

    There is nothing I can do at my end except be there in the morning and hope the drives havent been shipped yet so I can put it all back together..

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    That's really tough, I can only hope you don't become too frazelled. Hang in there, I've been in the very same situation (Real close).

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    I hope your members will get this thread and understand the situation, I also hope you will be back as soon as possible. Good luck.

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    Good Luck, I'm sure Igor's team can get this straight if the DC can get these drives back in. If I can be of any assistance let me know..

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    Unfortunately and unsurprisingly these types of incidents do not appear to be all that uncommon. Sounds like the 'data center' runs out of the back of a computer store, still, your contract (you did have one?) with them was until the end of the month and they have clearly breached this.

    Am assuming that the disks are back in ( or moved to new DC) since I can load your page. Hope the churn was minimal.

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