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    Question what did you invest?

    if you've make money from your webhosting biz and want to put the money back to the business to help it grow. what have you invest so far?

    since i'm doing Windows webhosting, i have purchase Helm and matiance plan when WHA have their 50% off speical last year and now i plan to buy a email server software. (i'm currently using MailEnable Standard free edition)

    i would like to know if you guy have invest the money back to the business and what do you invest in. get better server? upgrade your server? buy backup like gnax or theplanet disksync? buy software? buy a server and colo or hiring staff...etc.

    i'll like to know what area of business did people invest the money they make from webhosting.

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    I invest nearly every dollar back into the business. I purchase everything that is necessary to only provide the best. That doesn't always mean purchasing the most expensive thing, but the thing that is the best deal.

    I have invested in new server, backups, billing software, control panels, support infrastructure, etc. etc. There is not one thing that you should invest in. You should invest in whatever is needed. No one can answer that question for you without doing a business analysis of your company.
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    yeah for the first 2 years you should invest everything you make

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    Split it up into hardware, software, marketing and support. It's the snowball concept ... as you plough your earnings back in, the snowball gets larger as it rolls along!
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