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    Please review our new website noted as


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    I have only looked at the index page... but overall it looks clean. You did mispell hosting in your reference to "adult web site hostng" I would also consider removing some of the extra white space at the bottom of the page.

    Hope this helps...

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    Very nice and clean and loads quick - but why green?.

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    Should we alternate the color scheme?

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    Please note that your menubar from isn't visible with NS6. They have a newer version that works with IE5.5 and NS6 but not with the older ones.

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    I'd change the colours....

    I'd go with a cyan or a teal if I were you. It'd look nicer. I was also wondering why you had a fax number yet no telephone number on the main page. Other than that, it works.
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    Angry UrgentHost... the site looks great, but...

    ... last month it was down quite a bit. As a matter of fact, the site that I have hosted with you was also down. On eleven separate days my site was down, and on two of those days it was down ALL day.

    Of course, I immediately contacted your support department. At least, I tried to. Your web site assured me of a prompt response to my e-mail, and yet I am still waiting for a response from you. This is not considered prompt where I am from.

    Oh, yeah. Where ARE you from? Your street address in your DNS records indicates you are located in Waycross, GA. Your telephone number, hoever, is in Illinois. When I attempted to contact you at this number regarding my site, it turned out to be a fax.

    It doesn't add up. To date, the only thing you have done in an "urgent" manner is bill me.

    So. I applaud you on your site design skills. Bravo. Well done. It is a shame that it's just a lot of smoke. The service behind the pretty pages leaves much to be desired.

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    Thumbs up KUDOS

    Good work...Clean look. The colors are a little loud though. But that was a nicely designed site. The most important thing was it was easy to navigate. Bon chance, mon ami!

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    Just wanted to comment that I made the mistake of signing up with UrgentHost (mentioned above) -- not only is their service unreliable (it's been down for half of the last month -- no joke), their customer service is among the worst I've ever dealt with. 3/4 of my e-mail has gone completely unanswered, they have no phone number available, and they haven't sent a single e-mail about their downtime.

    They've been down for almost a week now -- I'm suspecting they went out of business.

    It's true... you get what you pay for. Back to WebServePro I go.

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    I found services from this company are very poor. They never reply for support e-mail and they are never in touch with customer. It is hardly matter for them whether customer web site is running or not.

    Only the best part they are very cheap. I am canceling my account and switching over to some other host.

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    And plus I've tried to go to their site twice and it's down. Some web host. I bet they are urgent.

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    I think this thread needs to get back on track. We're here to review the website, not bash their service.

    Now, back to the review. The site is down.
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    Hey... Site's down!

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    I think you should change this:
    "The page cannot be displayed"
    to a more blue-like color...maybe a dark blue.

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