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    * Professional Quality Template For Sale!

    I have just completed the below template. It is a complete site.
    The only thing that needs modifying are the sitelogo/plans/buttons plus a few modifications to the faq/terms etc. Photoshop files are included, however I will do slight modifications to the plans logos and buttons for free!

    There are 14 html pages to this site, including plans and orderforms etc - they just need linking up with your payment checkouts. Also a thanks page and no spamming page!

    Bidding for this template starts at $140 and the highest secures.
    For an extra $25 above the highest bid, I can intergrate Perldesk Trouble Ticket system into the template!

    Payment by paypal.

    emails: [email protected]


    Apart from my own few sites - this is my first template for a potential "someone else" so comments/criticisms would be welcome. Thanks
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    I bid $140.00

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    Cheers archangel777,

    I will leave the bidding open for about 12 hours or 150 views ( whichever is first) , if none are higher, you`ve got a bargain

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    * Sold

    Template now unavailable! Its going to the only bidder, if he still wants it, or I will use it for a site of my own.

    106 page views and no comments???

    Thanks all for your constructive criticisms - it will help me out
    when next designing a site

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