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    PerlDesk - Old Version

    Hi Guys,

    Do any of you remember PerlDesk years ago (when it was freeware, and basically the only one of it's kind). I think it really worked great. Anyways, I was hoping someone here might have a copy of it. The only version I can find of it, that is still free, is version 1.5.5, which is quite buggy (the staff section doesn't even work). I think I used to have version 1.4 for a while and it worked really nice.

    Anyways, I was hoping to find this because I have tried about 5-6 different brands of help desk software and do not care for any of them, even the NEW version of PerlDesk.

    Can anyone help me out. Any version before 1.5.5 would be great.
    Ralix, LLC

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    Try searching in google for the specific link/version?

    Have you tried It's like a php version of perldesk. Very nice, and reasonably priced.
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    Even if I had it I couldn't rtedistribute it, such were the terms of the licence. I found John Bennett, the owner of Logicnow, friendly and helpful.

    As suggested above, look at SitePanel also, you can get a 7 day trial.
    Watch this space...

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