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    Not sure what I really need...


    I had been with VPSColo and Rus for a little over a year. I am due to get rebilled next month, and I am shopping around for a new provider.

    Here is what I have on their servers:

    -9 low-traffic non-adult domains that are people I've resold to
    -2 adult domains, one has a lot of traffic because it's promoted daily
    -1 domain with a forum running phpBB (but migrating to another forum wouldn't be a problem), it has about 60-70 new posts a day

    I was on the ~$60/month VPSColo plan that had 256 mb ram (max 4 gb), 10 gb space, 275+ mhz cpu minimum guaranteed (max 2 x 2.4 ghz xeon), 150 gb/mo bandwidth (and that was just perfect for me), and it was running cPanel with Fantastico.

    I only used 3 out of however many IP's it came with.

    Here's what I want in a new provider:

    -Preferably something other than cPanel. I don't really like cPanel, that's cool if it works for you, but it doesn't for me. I find it overly complicated to do a simple thing- I don't need total control over everything. I just want something where it's easy to add a new domain, and there's an easy way of giving each domain it's own email. I also would like something like how Fantastico makes it easy to give a domain its own forum/blog/whatever just by clicking, so that if I'm setting up a domain for a new customer, it's just a quick thing.

    So would I be better off with Plesk? Is there something else you could recommend? Fantastico or a simple equivalent would really be nice as an extra.

    -Has to be very fast. VPSColo was noticably much, much faster for me compared to when I was on shared hosting.

    -Windows or a Unix variant makes no difference to me.

    -Good support. Telephone-based would be nice, but I'm ok with ticket-based, as long as it's 24/7.

    -Stable- virtually no downtime.

    So can anyone recommend a company or a few companies? And some suggestions on a cPanel alternative that can do what I want? I'm not at a level where I need dedicated hosting yet, right? My preference to VPS is because of cost.


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    If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize in advance.

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    We can also do Plesk and DirectAdmin on all the VPSColo plan if you want to contact sales I'm sure we can sort out something.


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    people in here praise powervps & servint! top 2 choices, check them out.

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    Servint should work for you. They offer plesk and great support according to these forums.

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    Thanks, I'm deciding between PowerVPS and Servint now.

    What I like about PowerVPS is that it comes with clientexec for free, and I know it comes with the Plesk Application Pack. Servint they charge for modernbill, which I think was $15/mo. extra (I spoke to someone on the phone today from there).

    Kinda of a toss-up. They seem more or less equal otherwise...

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