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    Buy the bandwidth and the server is FREE

    Carpathia Hosting is offering a Free Hosted Dell Poweredge SC1425 (Single 2.8Ghz Xeon), 1GB Ram, Two 80GB SATA Drives in RAID-1 Configuration, All on a Gig-e connection (a $249/mo value) when you purchase our 50mbps or 110mbps plans.

    Details here:,8

    Enter promo code WHTSPECIAL when you get your quote so we know you will want the FREE hosted Dell. If you need a faster server or more capacity just subtract the normal price of the DELL listed on the URL Above. This offer is valid for new customer or existing customers who would like to add more servers. The offer is valid until 4/30/2005
    Carpathia Hosting, Inc [email protected]
    High Performance Hosting Solutions

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    You might want to fix your script since you can only put WHTSPECI. Field wont take more and it gives this error

    Some problem risen when sending e-mail! Please try again later. Thank You!Array
    [status] => 1
    [platform] => 1
    [l3band] =>
    [cirnband] => 1
    [burst] => 1
    [oper] => Array
    [0] => 5

    [software] => Array
    [0] => 1

    [ipnumber] => 5
    [pcode] => WHTSPECI
    [contact] => 1
    [firstname] =>
    [secondname] =>
    [email] =>
    [instructions] =>
    Hello, !

    Thank you for visiting Carpathia Hosting.
    Please find below a quick quote for the server you have expressed an
    interest in. This quote does not include any additional configurations or
    discount codes at this time. This email has been forwarded to our sales
    department and you will be contacted by a member of our sales staff
    Again, thank you for your interest in Carpathia Hosting.

    Platform: Dell PowerEdge SC1425 /Single 2.8 Xeon /4Mbps of un-metered bandwidth (approx 1200GB) /1GB RAM /Dual 80 GB SATA Hard Drives /RAID 1 : $249

    CIRN : 4Mbps : $0

    C-Panel / Fantastico 2/ WHM : $30
    Centos 3 : $0

    5 IPs for $1 per month : $5

    Special Instructions:

    Subtotal : $284

    Setup Fee : $200

    TOTAL : $484
    Quick & Easy Technical Support Solutions
    Click here to contact us for a FREE quote!

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    hey, thanks for letting me know, will take care of that asap

    Carpathia Hosting, Inc [email protected]
    High Performance Hosting Solutions

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