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    MICHost making an comeback.

    MICHost yes yes we all have heard this name. All though not all of my associates have made the right descessions we are going to start making them now. We are proposing a 360 degree turn around of what has happpend in the past if you do not believe me i am offering 1 month free hosting to ANYONE who dosen't have faith and want to believe it. But yes it is true and after the month is over if you like are service and want to start paying for it thats up to you but this is the end of the line the playing of games stops here and we are making an 360 degree turn around.

    Please post your comments, and feelings about this.

    Also for the month free email me at

    What you get with this free month
    500 megs space
    10 gigs bandwidth
    php,mySQL,cgi,perl, etc.
    Cpanel 4 control panel
    Unlimited mySQL db's , email accounts, and multi domain hosting.

    For more information again please contact me at

    Brandon Armstead

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    I don't want to be rude, but shouldn't this be moved to the offers forum.

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    i was not sure of that will see where it ends up shall we? intrested in a free hosting account for an month ?

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    360 degree turn, wouldn't you be in the same place?
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    Hehe good one rewdog. but hmm you are correct but you know what i mean hehe.

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    You only have one change to make an impression. It would be smart of you at just change the company name.

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    No thanks, I have all the server space I need.

    I do know someone who has a chat script that needs hosting. The guys works for an ISP in the UK, his site started taking all of a Raq's resources. Shall I point him in your direction?

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    Yes, point him in my direction as i said i will host anyone for an month hehe as i am also working on a chat script to hehe .

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    Yes i am im changing the name to e-nine as me and marc ( mchost ceo have exchanged pm's and i am comming down to his understanding like i said im making an 360 degree turn around ) so i am not going to leave an bad impression on MCHost as it may be confused with MICHost and i will be pointing to as well Just a note to Panzerfaust's post.

    Also on a second note let me edit this post and post an example of the logo and how the 360 degree turn around will look.

    **More to come**

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    Brandon, you seem like a goog guy. Just one question, did you pick the "MIChost" domain with INTENT? I don't really care and I wouldn't hold that against you, I'm just interested.

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    DOMAIN CREATED : 2002-02-23 00:00:00

    Short ride

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    I don't know anything about you or your company aside from the posts that I have read in this forum. But, I felt the need to comment here, to help you out. If you really want to make a clean start, I'd start by removing the name "Flame Hosting" from your domain registration.

    Good luck in the new venture.

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    The answer to that question is a yes/no

    the no part - To confuse customers of MCHost that is an absolute no as a matter of fact i have reffered him to some friends of mine when i was not established enough yet to be a host.

    the yes part - Yes i did think MChost was an cacthy name and MICHost was a cacthy name also.

    Did that answer your Q?

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    Yes, a you said serve-you i am in the process of doing all of that but i am not hear anymore to hide my name or my business i am hear to provide excelenet supperior tier 1 services to my customers.

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    I'd reconsider the name with the hyphen in it. Also, coming (one m). You have no idea how many people spell that wrong.
    Justin K.
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