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  1. Cool Need Some Help on Our Site, Please!

    I have been a bit reluctant to put our site up here for review. However, we have been in business now for about 3 months. We generate a great deal of traffic, but we are not turning visits into clients right now. Our turn percentage is around 10%. Our prices are average, so I am guessing that it is the design.

    I have been reading for several months now and feel comfortable with your opinions. All of you are a great source of information. We have learned a great deal just from reading.

    If you have any ideas on how we can increase our turn rate, please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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    To start with scrap the entire nav bar and rebuild it. To many graphics on it. Try to make the left side more compact and solid. The colors in the top banner should also get changed. Try a getting a new color to replace the yellow and make the blue much darker. Also consider making the 'order now' button stay still. The picture of the guy is good, although the angle may not be right. Just looks a little wierd. I'm on a cable modem right now, but I'd think some 56K users would have some problems leading such a graphic intense site. Since the bottom icons should stay there, you really should try to minimize the size of the nav bar. However, the bottom links are laid out well as well as the top nav bar. Just a few cosmetic changes and it would look alot better.

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    actually .. the picture of the guy is not good, the antialiasing around it is non existent, and the colors are off, it makes it a sloppy picture
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