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    A reliable Windows / MS SQL host...whom

    Hi there guys,

    I have been searching WHT for a bit but have a little trouble finding a reputable, well known host. I need a Windows platform, with MS SQL support to run a script. Price can be up to $50 or so.

    I've found but they're prices are extremely cheap, which worries me. I actually don't really require VPS, could be reseller or shared even. *Nevermind about WinAxis, I did a little search on them to find that the owner tried to sell the company. Guess they're off the list.

    Does anyone have suggestions for me? BTW, right now my other sites are on servint which is doing good. If only they had Windows Thanks!
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  2. #2 is the one I found out while looking around but I also saw posted by someone else on these forums.

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