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    Really Need help - Charset

    hello there,

    i have a lil' problem with my dedicated server and would like to know what can i do to resolve it.

    The charsets wont appear when i post a message or a sql request on a forum or any ""software"" using php and mysql. Well that's ok if it's in a plain HTML format.


    test tst tst test tst tst tst tst tst tst tst

    specials characters appears like this in phpbb:

    test tt tt test tt tt tt t

    Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

    Freebsd 5.21
    Directadmin 1.23.4
    Apache 1.3.33
    Php 4.3.10
    MySQL 4.1.10

    (It's in french...)

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    Maby its how they are stored in the database, mysql may be messing it up. I heard mysql 4.1 allows you to specify a charset, maby you should look into that. I would check the data thats in the actual database, if thats where the problem is go to the mysql website and ask about it there.

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