"Young IT Firm offers affordable, premium-quality, 'Made-In-Sydney' Web Hosting Solutions"

Contact: Karthick Rajendran ([email protected])

Sydney, NSW Wednesday, March 9, 2005 Sydney-based Net Logistics has today unveiled their new line of web hosting offerings, exemplifying a completely "Made-in-Sydney" approach to affordable, ultra-high-reliability web hosting. With Internet web servers located in Equinix's Sydney IBX Datacenter, Net Logistics now satisfies a pressing need in the Australian hosting market, providing both a 100% network uptime and a 99.95% server uptime guarantee to its premium hosting clients.

"We know that many web sites require truly superior availability. Even as little as an hour of downtime per month is simply too much for many," explains Net Logistics co-founder, Karthick Rajendran. "And, unfortunately, ultra-high reliability web hosting has largely been unaffordable or inaccessible to most small and medium-sized enterprises."

Through the implementation of powerful software, intense commitment, and superior technical support, the company has developed a set of hosting services, perfectly tailored to the web hosting needs of small and medium-sized Australian businesses.

"Our primary goal was to ensure that our new high-quality, premium-bandwidth hosting packages were just as accessible and easy to use as our already well-established 'standard' virtual hosting solutions. We have, unequivocally, accomplished this goal," states Net Logistics' other principal, Trung Nguyen. "What was all the more satisfying to us is that we have been able to accomplish this as a completely Sydney-based enterprise."

The premium-bandwidth virtual hosting market appears ripe for the founders of Net Logistics. They are both looking forward to further expanding their already well-established business.

"We have done very well in the standard virtual hosting industry, and will certainly be able to build on our experience in that market, as we provide this very unique service," states Mr. Rajendran. "We know this will be yet another way in which we can offer what we call 'Hosting Confidence' for many years to come."

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About Net Logistics

Net Logistics is a young, progressive web hosting firm, founded by Karthick Rajendran and Trung Nguyen. It offers a complete range of virtual, reseller and dedicated web hosting solutions to a worldwide client base. Net Logistics is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Contact: Karthick Rajendran ([email protected])