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    Help Select: Rackforce or PowerVPS ?

    I am currently confused about which VPS provider should i go with - or

    Rackforce seems to have good support. I am not sure about PowerVPS.

    so could you guys help me select one of these two based on support and server/network quality.

    Fast Support is my first priority which should be available at any time of the day.


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    I have never been with them.

    Did you try searching around forum for feedback?
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    I been with Defender aka PowerVPS since Oct 2004 and they have awesome support. They verified my order and activated my VPS within 1hr and had directadmin setup 2hrs later. I have support tickets where they answer within 5mins.

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    Yes, I also using PowerVPS and their response's support is very fast. Last week, I create a ticket to add 4 ips to my VPS and they done with 5-10 minutes after verification.

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    Another vote here for PowerVPS. Hardware is solid, support is extremely helpful, and I've had nothing but a pleasant experience with them.

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    in today's news it says that rackforce is rated as having the best support

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    Thumbs up YES FOR PowerVPS

    I have been with PowerVPS for a week now. Excelent support. They where very helpful with setup questions. I have had every question answered withing 15 minutes. I have never had such great customer support.

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    POWERVPS for 4 months, now i have one more from DEFENDER, it´s the same group, and the same staff/dc, they are really GREAT.

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    My vote is for PowerVPS/Defender also.

    Great support (always very quick), helpful, polite, eager to please etc.

    Have been with powervps for about 3 maybe 4 months - no problems. I really could not say a bad word about them if I tried!

    Powervps would get my business again (if I needed another vps)


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    We switched away from rackforce since they have lost all our data and backup for which we paid extra was not available.

    According to the original hard drive had failed and the backup procedure did not realize that and had overriden the good backup with the corrupt data.

    According to they had revised their backup procedures since. However, we just could not afford to wait for new data loss and test the new backup procedures.

    It is disappointing that did not use RAID-5 for their hard drives. Then, the original data loss could have been avoided too. The backup procedures should maintain the dual or alternate backup mediums as well.

    We use PowerVPS since late January 2005 -- no complaints. We consider their ( support to be superiour in comparison with the one used to provide.

    Make sure, whoever you choose, utilize RAID-5 and maintain dual backup medium.

    I hope this information helps to avoid the same mistakes we made.
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    One more vote for PowerVPS. After the disaster with LiquidWeb, making the switch to PowerVPS was a breath of fresh air. Quick, friendly service, setup time in a few short hours, extra IPs added almost immediately upon request. The servers are also lightening fast.

    I'm very happy with them.

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    Rackforce has great support, but keep in mind its not a managed offering. If something breaks outside of thier support scope, you will need the skills to fix it, or pay them extra. Powervps also has great support, and is more of a managed solution.

    Both offer great hardware and network connectivity.
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