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    i need an advise

    guys, does anyone know anything about ??

    am reselling for them and for another host.
    i am thinking about moving to them all my domains, but i want to know if there is any body have a longer experience with them !!

    thank you

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    looks like nobody is using know them,
    so how can i know if they are reliable or not, i have to decide to move to them , or to move from them !!

    i can`t keep doing business with to different company

    will somebody help me out please?

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    Are you currently getting good service and support from them?

    If you're happy, why are you having doubts?


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    Thank you Lats ,

    althought am receiving a very good service/support from them
    but i have more than 35 web sites hosted along the two companies , i must move to one of them,
    but am worried that i will loose a lot an unpatient clients because of any future down time or any other problem that might occure !!

    maybe am over-worried but i must keep my clients satisfied so am trying to have the best service

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    All hosts will experience some sort of downtime, for numerous reasons - that's something all of your clients need to understand.

    Transferring some of your client base to the one host you choose need not be a long drawn out process if you prepare their accounts in advance.


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    i guess i will move on to them and give it a try
    thank you Lats for your help

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