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    Seeking a good vps provider

    I've been looking for some vps providers and I liked both and, although I'll probably will use the last one, because it seems more experienced, and it includes more bandwidth than the other for just 5 dls more in the 50 dls plan. Anyways, I'd like to know whichone is better.

    Also, I'm opened to other suggestions of vps providers that are not more expensive than 50 dls. Thanks!

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    i can only speak of servint.

    i like them.
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    There's a whole thread on the sub50 vps thing already, and numerous other discussions... Search does decently well on the forum for me..

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    I have experience with powerVPS for 2 months and their support is very good. Also they provide good network and quality bw.

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    One more factor which is very imortant in VPS and that is OS and VPS software hosting provider is using.
    Good hardware and bandwith is essential no doubt.
    some providers are giving VPS on old linux distros and that is very risky from security problem. you may find one day that your server is compromised and used for something else.
    Debian, Mandrake, Redhat Enterprise server are good with virtuzzo running on top.
    youhave also sure that hosting provider is updating latest patches for bugs and security holes. this is spacially for VPS running with REDHAT 9.0, redhat has published more than 140 MB fixes and one has make sure that its installed on their server.

    in bottom line, along with network, server config don't ignor OS and updates for security glitches. happy hunting elandro.

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    Pay $10 more and get a managed VPS at Liquidweb. That way you can at least get a VPS that's configed with antivirus and hardened from malicious attacks from the start. Unless you're managing it yourself or on the learning track, it's best to get VPS and dedicated servers that's already hardened (or find a sysadmin before you get a box so they're ready to get in when you get your account details). Takes but minutes for a cracker to get in and compromised a plain vanilla box, and you're spending your time repairing the damage, instead of working on your web site. Not worth the < $50 headache.


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    I also like them.

    Fast setup, fast responses, nice help.

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    ServInt is the way to go - their awesome support and their stable network speaks for them!
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    Thumbs up PowerVPS - Geat Support

    I just signed up with PowerVPS and they have been very helpful. I have read several post about PowerVPS and everything I hear is good.

    My account was setup quicker then I thought it would. They said it would take up to 24 hours but it was done in 3.

    Also, every question I have had for them has been answered within 30 minutes.

    I would avoid RegisterFly VPS - My account never got setup and there was no customer support.

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    I am very happy with All my support requests are met in very polite manner by professional team, fully managed. Very fast server. In the thread comparing vps with server, fluidhosting got high scores.

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    I'd vote for Servint. They've been excellent so far (4 months).

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    ditto the love for servint. One hell of an amazing company with great staff and a brilliant product.

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    Re: Seeking a good vps provider

    I must recommend for ServInt. Even though I've only signed up with them not too long ago.

    Here's my background: I'm extremely inexperienced with VPS -- never used one before. I'm also not very familiar with a *nix working environment.

    But I'm the type who'd stay up for days just to get things right. I'm extremely adventurous and curious. (Extremely bad mix, considering the lack of knowledge and experience, heh.)

    So for the past few days, I've trying many new things ... as well as bombarding the ServInt support with questions and questions and questions -- hours of E-mail exchange, every day, for almost all the time that I'm in front of my computer.

    And yet ServInt remained patient with me, despite getting all these questions from me (and questions about the questions ... and ... well, you get my point). Their NOC and their forums have been very helpful. I'm really happy to have made a good choice.
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    My first day with PowerVPS and have to tell you that I'm quite impressed with their support. I'm sure I will be a happy customer from what I've experienced today.

    I signed up for their DA Power1.

    Good luck!

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    I'd say Servint... great price and support there.

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    Servelocity are cheaply pricest 10GB Space and 10GB bandwith for £9.95, Pretty cheap. they offer other packages this is their cheapest. it comes with Shoutcast etc!

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    does poervps box come hardened?

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    powervps does come with some pre-hardening. go look at the website.

    David Chait, Editor
    CHAITGEAR - Consumer electronics news and reviews

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