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    Free hosts, advice needed.

    Hello all, im new here and i basically just want to know about good free web hosting. I don't need something fang-dangled with all the bells and whistles, just one that supports upload of all html, mp3's and images. I'm looking for something that will be reliable and can handle low to medium traffic. The website is for a band to get off it's feet, helping if there is a inhumain url.
    Thanks a lot, please list the name and url of decent free hosting with a small description, once again thanks.

    - CJR

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    You might want to check
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Oh, thank you

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    there are arround for years now...

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    You can take a look at, and click on forums and go to free web hosting offers. I don't know how good those hosts are, though.

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    id suggest wagoo

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    I'd suggest a paid host! Especially since you're going to have MP3s, find a good low-priced host to start out with.

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