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    what do u recommend for a dedicated first timer?


    Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, if so, kindly just post the link here.
    I need to get a dedicated server. I'm on a low budget, so serverpronto's $30 AMD2000 server is very good for me. The problem is that I'll be on my own there, with little or no support. So, its for those who know how to do things, not for newbies.
    Thats why I need to learn first before I get my first dedicated server.

    Is there any tutorials available for newbies, on how to setup and maintain your first dedicated server?
    I even dont know what does the server comes pre-installed with and whats not. They say they install Linux and webmin for free, but what about: apache server? php, mysql server, dns server, ftp server? mail server? do I setup those on my own? or are these included in webmin?
    and what about 'optimization' I hear a server runs much faster when its 'optimized' but dont know how to do that? or whether the host optimized it for me, or do I have to do it myself...

    Any hints or advices are much appreciated, and also any links to simple newbie tutorials or reads are much appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    As far as I know, beside installing the necessary services such as Apache,PHP..etc, you will need to 'harden' your server to prevent any spammer, hacker..etc that might do something to your box.

    Everyday we received log of ppl try to gain access via SSH using common combination such as test/password etc.

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    how much do you have to invest?

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    not much.. around $30, like serverpronto's server

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    Why not hire a admin to help you out, there are some people out there who will do the main tasks for as little as 20$ a month. Check around wht, im sure theres some people around that will help you.
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    Get DirectAdmin or Interworx. That will install the required stuff.

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    perhaps Cpanel

    Have you taken a look at Cpanel or others like it such as EnSim, Plesk, Helm, Urchin.

    Yes it does cost a little upfront or monthly but if your not really in the know its basically all you would need to host pretty much any type of website from simply to complex.

    You then have control over your server and it wont need to rely on an admin 24/7.
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    Why don't you try an open source software? I'm sure you will find one that responds to your needs. I did a page will all (other than mine) software here:

    If you can't manage to install one of those open source control panel, then hire somebody to do it for you.

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    Hi !
    Try . They will help with hardening and set up at a very cheap price .At the same time you can learn about Cpanel/WHM if you're planning to get a linux system. information and documentation about Cpanel/WHM can be found at
    hope that will help ! Good luck !

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