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    Scripts Slow on VPS?

    Just read the message comparing dedicated with VPS on D board.
    They said VPS is ok for static sites, but when using CPU powers for scripts etc, the power will be very limisted and very slow. I guess it will be worse than a Shared, because the overhead will be greater in this case.

    I am trying to understand the benchmark for VPS and Dedi. Could anyone tell me what those numbers mean in real life? such as VPS with 200hz and 256m can handle 5 php requests without database or 3 php requests with database connection. etc...

    I tried the serveint's download test file. It is fast, but it is a none script static file. I am not sure how to test the CPU power on a VPS from a web browser.

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    You won't be able to test it from a browser - unless you find some busy website you KNOW is hosted on a VPS with certain parameters, has some well-known scripting engine and a visible user counter. This way, you'll be able to at least *estimate* the load this VPS can handle.

    But I'd say it isn't realistic - easier just to buy some cheap VPS and check everything out.
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    Good Question. I never test it before, anyone?

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    VPS's are very CPU limited, if you've got a board that uses a lot of queries, or a portal such as Xoops, it'll be considerably slower. This is where shared hosting has its advantage.


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