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    VPS OS and more...


    I'm new here so if i'm writing in the wrong forum let me know - i thing it's a good one

    I've read couple of post about VPS and i generally come to conclusion that for the OS FreeBSD is the best - coud you please tell me why? Why not linux?

    I've also read the post about someone who wanted to learn linux administration, you adviced him to buy couple of pc and start to experiment (personaly i think its the best way to learn) - could you please tell on which distribution it would be the best to teach myself linux? Not just networking but the whole "thing" how the system works. Slackware/Gentoo? or maybe there is another distribution which is better and i don't know that it exist? Know i use Debian.

    Thanks for answers.

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    1) You say that you've come to a conclusion. What made you come to it? You should explain us the reasons, not us :-P

    Overall, IMHO the difference between BSD and Linux may be significant in 2 reasons:

    - you only know 1 OS of those and don't want to familiarize with the second one;
    - you're a hardcore power user that seeks for maximum performance.

    Otherwise, I think you can go for any of those.

    Concerning getting familiar with Linux - it depend on where you are now
    If you are a complete newbie, go for a Mandrake - it is extremely easy, simple and user-friendly. You can get a general grip of Linux GUI, but not actually a Linux itself It's far too hidden behind soapy interfaces.
    Also, you may want to check out Knoppix and other LiveCDs - they don't need to be installed and let you look around without spending too much effort.

    If you want to get a solid understanding of what is what - I'd go for a RedHat/Fedora. These are still fairly easy to tame , yet quite powerful and configurable.

    And if you're a geek, a dork and a monster - go for Slackware or even Gentoo Those are the most complicated and least friendly, but once you unleash their power - you'll get blown off your seat.

    P.S. All said is purely IMHO, of course
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    what i'm saying is based on the post on this forum.

    I would not call myself a geek but i'm not a newbie. My experience is a home lab with 5 PC - 4 are workstations with X windows and one is a serwer with apache, proftpd, postfix+ssl, openssh everything is on debian. But for now i have a felling that i'm missing something - in debian everything just works - apt-get and i have all that i want. So that is the reason why i'm looking for something else.

    Just courious - on which distro are runnin serwers? I know - the one which admin knows best but mayby someone give me any serious reasons?

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    Well, as for now all distros have an aptget-like tool, so that's not an issue As to the 'just works' - it's not a problem, it's a feature I'd be happy if it was always so.

    Most servers run RedHat, it seems to be kinda industry standard. About the only one commercial out there.

    As to the difference - there's always a security issue Right now you don't care much (who'd hack your home LAN, after all), but if you run a server...
    First Amendment of a webhost: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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    my server can be accessed from the inet as it has public ip address and so far didn't have any security problems. Local ISP has one server with RH9 and i'm responsible for it.

    But what about FBSD? am i right?

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    For BSD which software are you going to use to create the VPS's as that will have a major bearing on what you are doing.

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