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    *sigh* Need a design done for high-profile site


    I had posted this before but the designer kind of flaked out so, here we go again.
    I need a redesign for my site It's one of my oldest and most popular sites, so I want an excellent job.

    It needs to be expandable and work at a minimum of 800x600 w/o horizontal scrolling (expandable meaning it should take advantage of additional space beyond that).

    It needs to have a good spot for an ad banner (728x90 or so).

    I need the main design and also a design for a table (see how the listings are on the site -- I'd like a sharp looking table design instead of a plain one).

    Shouldn't be too graphic intensive. Simple yet good looking.

    Should work with current color scheme (the greens)

    I need it to be easy to add additional categories, so if they're graphics I'd need a source file I can edit to add new ones (or if they're text that'd obviously be easy to update)

    I'm not a designer, but I do know what I like and what I don't like, so I need someone who will work with me to make sure I get a design I'm satisfied with.

    Important: either my deposit for you to start must be refundable, or you have to give me a preview of your design to make sure I think you can do a good job and a design that will meet my needs.

    If you want to apply, post here or send me an email. I will ignore any messages without a sample or without a link to a portfolio (or sites you've designed).

    Please also include how long you think it would take for you to complete and a price estimate.
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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    I am very interested in doing this job. I am currently free of design work right now so I'd like to talk to you abou this.

    Can we talk on instant messenger?
    On IM i can show you my latest work.

    All contact information is in my signature.

    Thank you
    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.

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    Please take a look at my thread:

    e-mail: [email protected]
    AIM: JBlade00, MSN: [email protected]

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    I'm interesed, please take a look at my thread:

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    Hello Jim,
    From the description you gave, I would be perfect for the job.

    My current web site alone has most if it not all of the things you wanted in yours.

    Estimated Time of Completion: 1-3 Weeks (Read below for clarification)
    Price Estimate: $150 - $300 (Read below for clarification)

    The range on the ETA and price estimate is dependant on the exact format you want the web site. EG. Are you looking for the main page, and a sub page template that you can add your self. Or are you looking for a complete renewal, where I would put in all of the content and scripts, etc?

    At any rate, if you are interested, please let me know.

    Jeff Roldan
    [email protected]

    An affordable marketing agency,

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    I'm interested but I don't have a portfolio. I have lots of work, but I still didn't have time to build the portfolio, so if we could talk on a messenger service I could give you links to most of my work.


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    Hello. Please contact me at Yahoo/Aim helenkoshkina, and I will show you my site and portfolio

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