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    Hi, I'm currently a member at, today I checked my bandwidth status my Daily Chart showed 95th percentile = 196208 (474GB).... Does that mean I'm using 474GB per day?

    For the month of November, I only used 61GB for the full month.. How could this be possible and I'm currently only doing 50,000 Impression per month.....

    Any Idea? Please help...

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    Have you tried e-mailing DI's tech support direct with the question? They would be in a far better position to answer that question than we would.
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    Hi confused,

    do your homework and pay close attention to your bandwidth consumption using the 95th percentile. I just recently moved from Dialtone, and this was one of the reasons. If your daily 95th percentile was that high I would recommend speaking to someone at DI and cap your connection or you will get billed to death at the end of the month. Like BC said, talk to DI, and the sooner the better.

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