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    Currently our website is

    I am working with a web developer to recreate our Hubwest website entirely. I do like the Hubwest logo and banner, but would like to see that new site become very professional and much larger like a or other larger organization.

    Our local competitiors sites stink too.....thus, I'm hopeful that redesigning our website to make it look more like that big boys would be very appealing.

    The new site design can be found at:

    I would be interested in any ideas, comments, or even if someone here would be willing to design a nice site for me.....perferably in trade of services or something.

    Feel free to email me comments and suggestions directly to my email.

    Adam Pehrson
    [email protected]
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    The logo doesnt go with the professionalism of the rest of the site. I couldnt review the new site because its not found.
    IQ Studio
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